The Millay Colony for the Arts

How does it feel to live in a body? In what ways are our bodies imperiled in this political climate? How do race, gender, sex, and class inspire or limit our bodies in public and private?

In this one-day workshop, we’ll think, talk, and write about love, death, power, race, class, sex, illness, sleep, eating, stress, and many other experiences of the body. We will use generative exercises, free writing, and associative writing to organize our thoughts and get words on the page. Together, we will we hone our voices and find ways to write against political forces that seek to destabilize and devalue us.

This workshop is designed to generate new content and directions. Students will leave with the tools to create a polished personal essay.

This series of workshops is part of our newly formed Alliance Program. It brings together artists, people working in the healing arts and educators in collaborative sessions that ask participants to creatively imagine desired cultural and community outcomes as well as their role within those outcomes. Held in New York City, these are 2-3 hour workshops centered on writing or visual art-making.

Location: Workshops take place at The Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 E 11th Street, NY, NY 10003. 4, 5, 6, N, R, Q or L to Union Square/14th St. 

Saturday June 2, 1-4 pm

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