Curve Magazine on Mind Blowing Sex

From the April issue of Curve Magazine, you can also find it online here.

There’s a reason why Diana Cage’s new book isn’t called Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex. With her name on the cover, however, you might think it should be. Since she’s a former editor of the legendary lesbian sex magazine On Our Backs, and the author of essential lesbian reads such as Girl Meets Girl: A Dating Survival Guide and Box Lunch: The Layperson’s Guide to Cunnilingus, it only makes sense that Cage’s latest book would be about sex for girl-loving girls. Instead, this famously one-step-ahead sexpert says that for all “female-bodied people” solving the problem of sexual desire begins by taking sexual and gender identity out of the equation altogether.

During the three years that The Diana Cage Show aired on Sirius XM, Cage, already well into her career as an expert on lesbian sexuality, came to a new realization. “Previously,” she says, “I had always traveled in an urban lesbian world—my dating pool was always urban and lesbian. Suddenly [on the radio show], I’m talking to all kinds of lesbians—those from the Midwest, truckers—all kinds of different people. And what I realized is that what we wanted from sex and didn’t know about sex was the same.”

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