Sex and Food, Reading with Two Whole Cakes’ Lesley Kinzel 4/17

Look what UPS just brought me! I can’t believe the book I was so busy writing last summer is actually a book now. My very smart pal and Feminist Press publicist Elizabeth Koke thought it would be a great idea to throw Two Whole Cakes blogger and xoJane editor Lesley Kinzel and I together to have a little conversation. So that’s what’s happening April 17th at the Barnes and Noble in NY’s Upper West Side.

Details: Authors Diana Cage (Mind-Blowing Sex) and Lesley Kinzel (Two Whole Cakes) join us for a frank conversation about body politics and the expectations, challenges and unique pleasures of being a modern woman.

“Unique pleasures of being a modern woman.” I wonder who wrote that description? I don’t know Lesley in person but I’ve read her blog for ages and from what I can tell she’s a smart-ass rad fatty with an axe to grind. And I’m a smart-ass angry feminist sex hound with an axe to grind. Unique pleasures of being a modern woman, exactly.

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