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Together Men Make Paradigms


Andy Warhol and Aristophanes shoved through the love grindr of feminist revenge.

“Together Men Make Paradigms” is a play about our fucked up histories and how we contend with them in our daily lives. With characters drawn from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Phaedrus, and A Streetcar Named Desire, this performance emphasizes queer collage as an antidote and legacy to queer activism and camp representation. Constructing impossible historical crossroads, “Together Men Make Paradigms” cross-pollinates the picaresque with office talk and Plato with rom-coms in order to expose the operatic overtures of middle-management masculinity. With a focus on language, experimentation, and activist principles, this work fuses raw sexuality into anti-pro-masculine cos-play.

Featuring: Ella Boureau, Stephen Boyer, Diana Cage, Red Durkin, Sam Feder, Brenda Iijima, William Johnson, Theodore Kerr, Elizabeth Koke, Rachel Levitsky, Trisha Low, Buzz Slutzky, Aldreen Valdez, Adrien A. Weibgen, Lara Weibgen, and many more TBA


Maxe Crandall is a 2014 Poets House Emerging Fellow. Maxe’s first chapbook, “Together Men Make Paradigms” (Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs) will be released at the Hot! Festival performance. Maxe’s critical and creative work can be found in, or is forthcoming in, PANK, Shampoo, Troubling the Line, and Women & Performance. By day, Maxe teaches writing in the Undergraduate Writing Program at Columbia University.

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John Weir, Sarah Schulman, Saeed Jones, Frederick McKindra, Morgan M. Page, Diana Cage, Bryn Kelly, Cat Fitzpatrick, Morgan Goode

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Notes on Smut

In 2010 Google Instant began saving us two to five seconds per search. Before that time we were forced to type an entire word, sometimes even a whole phrase, before hitting send. Thankfully search engines now anticipate our needs, often before we’re aware we have them. Unless of course, your needs include looking up anything about lesbians. This is because lesbian, as a search term anyway, more commonly precedes a phrase like “gang bang” than it does “literature.” It may not be fair, but it’s true. It’s not that Google doesn’t want to help you find both pornography and lesbian literature; it just wants you to put in a little extra effort. This keeps mundane searches for “Les Miserable” and “Le Sport Sac” from sending you down a rabbit hole of live webcam pop ups.

Read the rest at Lambda Literary

In Our Skin

If she were a boy, she would be an object of male obsession, made immortal like Tadzio in Death in Venice. Her beauty is strangely obscene. Like the portraits of young Truman Capote by Carl Van Vechten, she exudes a titillating, ambiguous sexuality. But the ardent fans of masculine female beauty are women. We are inoculated by our own experience of objectification. When she takes off her shirt, peeling back a smartly striped oxford over broad, freckled shoulders, I see what the rest of the world doesn’t notice: her breasts, the curve of her waist.

New York is in the throes of a heat wave. There are cooling centers open across the city: public places with air conditioning where people can be out of the heat. I picture a glamorous oasis where women in tennis whites sip Pimms cups. In reality these are community centers stuffed with lugubrious mobs, the homeless, the very old and the very poor. We use the café down the block as our cooling center, splurging on coffee drinks to use the WiFi for a few hours. Em stares at me over the top of her screen. Out the window, workmen are digging up the sidewalk in order to replace the water mains. They mop their faces with rags, remove their yellow plastic hats to wipe the tops of their balding heads.

At home in a largely industrial, treeless section of North Brooklyn, we round up fans from the windows of the other rooms and close the French doors that separate the bedroom from the rest of the airless railroad apartment. Even augmented by fans, the window unit barely takes the edge off the heat. On high, the plastic case makes a rattling sound. With the whirr from the fans the mix of sounds is like being in a Cessna. “What?” I yell to Em. “Huh?” she yells back. We peel off our clothes in silence, spreading ourselves in a single layer across the thin quilt. Naked we look like two women, our genders less easy to discern, minus the hair; her short do to my chin-length bob. Our scents, though, give us away. Hers a piney, leather, cedar, soap-scented sweat. I am night jasmine, gardenias, tuberose, old lady violet with a touch of citrus. I press my nose to her damp neck and inhale.

Read the rest at Brevity


Q&A with The Georgia Voice

Author and sex expert Diana Cage visits Charis Books & More in Atlanta on Friday, May 11, at 7:30 p.m. to read from and sign her new book, “Mind-Blowing Sex” A Woman’s Guide.” Cage’s other books include “Girl Meets Girl: A Dating Survival Guide,” “Box Lunch: The Layperson’s Guide to Cunnilingus,” “Bottoms Up: Writing About Sex,” and the groundbreaking “On Our Backs Guide to Lesbian Sex.”

She took a few minutes our of her busy schedule to talk to GA Voice about what exactly “mind-blowing” sex is, the research she put into it (her girlfriend didn’t mind) and the importance of supporting Charis, the Southeast’s oldest feminist bookstore.

How did you come up with the title of your book? How do you define “mind-blowing” sex?

The book is a mix of humor, feminist social commentary, and realistic, smart sex advice, which is a combo that for some reason doesn’t happen all that often! No one ever thinks to mix social critique in with the sexy stuff, but I think it works really well. Our sexuality
is a product of the culture we live in, we have to examine both at the same time if we want to get anywhere.

Honestly though, finding a name that made sense was really a chore! Part of the issue is that all sex book names sound the same after a while. The whole genre has been tainted by meaningless magazine cover copy, so it’s difficult to talk about sex without resorting to hyperbole. We finally landed on “Mind-Blowing Sex: A Woman’s Guide” because I think you need to have your mind blown a little to have great sex. “Mind-Blowing Sex” is sex that expands the way we see sex, ourselves, and our lovers. I like to think the title is a double entendre that you wont really get until you’ve read the book.

Read the rest at thegavoice.com

Curve Magazine on Mind Blowing Sex

From the April issue of Curve Magazine, you can also find it online here.

There’s a reason why Diana Cage’s new book isn’t called Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex. With her name on the cover, however, you might think it should be. Since she’s a former editor of the legendary lesbian sex magazine On Our Backs, and the author of essential lesbian reads such as Girl Meets Girl: A Dating Survival Guide and Box Lunch: The Layperson’s Guide to Cunnilingus, it only makes sense that Cage’s latest book would be about sex for girl-loving girls. Instead, this famously one-step-ahead sexpert says that for all “female-bodied people” solving the problem of sexual desire begins by taking sexual and gender identity out of the equation altogether.

During the three years that The Diana Cage Show aired on Sirius XM, Cage, already well into her career as an expert on lesbian sexuality, came to a new realization. “Previously,” she says, “I had always traveled in an urban lesbian world—my dating pool was always urban and lesbian. Suddenly [on the radio show], I’m talking to all kinds of lesbians—those from the Midwest, truckers—all kinds of different people. And what I realized is that what we wanted from sex and didn’t know about sex was the same.”

Read the rest at Curvemag.com

Upcoming Tour Dates

Please come hang out and talk with me about sex, feminism, dismantling the patriarchy through female sexual empowerment,  fisting, you know… fun stuff. And if you come to any of these readings, please say hi! Also Shewired.com is currently running an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Mind Blowing Sex. Check it out here

So here are some dates:

May 2: Bluestockings, NYC

May 11: Charis Books, Atlanta

May 17: KGB Bar, NYC

July 10: Good Vibrations (Valencia location), San Francisco

July 17: Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco

July 25: Powells Books, Portland

Sex and Food, Reading with Two Whole Cakes’ Lesley Kinzel 4/17

Look what UPS just brought me! I can’t believe the book I was so busy writing last summer is actually a book now. My very smart pal and Feminist Press publicist Elizabeth Koke thought it would be a great idea to throw Two Whole Cakes blogger and xoJane editor Lesley Kinzel and I together to have a little conversation. So that’s what’s happening April 17th at the Barnes and Noble in NY’s Upper West Side.

Details: Authors Diana Cage (Mind-Blowing Sex) and Lesley Kinzel (Two Whole Cakes) join us for a frank conversation about body politics and the expectations, challenges and unique pleasures of being a modern woman.

“Unique pleasures of being a modern woman.” I wonder who wrote that description? I don’t know Lesley in person but I’ve read her blog for ages and from what I can tell she’s a smart-ass rad fatty with an axe to grind. And I’m a smart-ass angry feminist sex hound with an axe to grind. Unique pleasures of being a modern woman, exactly.

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